Barbells Redesigned With Top-Loading Weights

Illustration for article titled Barbells Redesigned With Top-Loading Weights

This year I've really got serious about my fitness. Gone is the blogger's paunch, and in its place is a new-found respect for clever gym concepts like this top-loading barbell.


Heaven knows why it's been called the Barbellfish, as it doesn't have anything to do with translating words. Unless those words are "oof," "crikey," and "ohmygodIcan'tliftanymore." Designer Sun Ho Sin's idea makes a lot of sense to me, with the varying degrees of weights clicking down onto the top of the sliding plates. They're very clean and simple-looking—and would certainly prove troublesome in my local gym, where the men hog the weights for far longer than is necessary. [Yanko Design]


ok, so i see where the opening is to slide them down and click in.

where do you un-clicky? how do you get them puppies off?