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Nobody has any idea if the Nook is actually any good yet, but no matter: It's a well-placed holiday gift, in theory! Or at least it was, until Barnes & Noble ran out of them.


Granted, it's a little worrisome that Barnes & Noble was taking preorders before letting reviewers have their say, so this enforced waiting period—which was probably a planned PR stunt, like the ones that pretty much every other hardware manufacturer ever does ever time they have a new product—is a good thing. At any rate, it'll be January—well after we'll have run B&N's Android-powered ereader through its paces—before anyone who hasn't already placed their order can get one.

UPDATE: Some mild reprieve, from B&N themselves:

Barnes & Noble expects to have a limited stock of devices available in its highest-volume stores during the holiday season.


So, go, if you dare! (In a few weeks.) [B&N via Bits]

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