Next season Sunday football Matrix-style replays will look awesome

Watch these incredible clips for a taste of the Matrix-style 360-degree replays coming to NFL Sunday Football starting this September. They were taken with a similar technology now installed at Yankee Stadium. It's really going to be incredible.


Baseball's Downtime Will Be Less Painful With 360 Degree Replays

Given that baseball is America's pastime, it's kind of frowned upon to even talk about the game's . . . slower . . . moments. But they exist. On the flip side, baseball has great drama over contentious plays. And, as with football, so much could be explored if there was a way to get total 360 views of tough-to-call moments. So a company called Replay Technologies is working on it.


Free Dimensional Video or freeD is part of a "Watch As You Want" initiative to make watching sports more interactive and immersive. The 3D reconstructions enable accurate measurement of position, speed and velocity so all of the bases are pretty much covered (right?!), and freeD uses a combination of static and dynamic replay options for maximum insight from every angle. Replay Technologies seems to be in a pilot phase right now, like the one above with the Yankees and a recent program with the Dallas Cowboys. It seems like cool tech, but just a warning: once the awful baseball puns start they don't stop. [Replay Technologies]

H/T Angel Jimenez de Luis