This jet-powered boat is going impossibly fast

Yowza. I think if I hopped on this jet-powered boat in New Zealand my hair would fall out, my neck would get stretched out and my face would be permanently smushed in. It goes fast. Like a runaway roller coaster that's off its track fast. I mean, look how quickly it zips in and around the turns of the canyon.


The boats are basically beasts:

Skippers Canyon jet's boats are powered by Chevrolet v8 engines producing 450 horsepower and operate on high octane aviation fuel.

The thrust comes via a Hamilton jet 212 jet unit pumping 25000 liters of water per minute.

You can learn more about the crazy ride at Skipper Canyon Jet.

Here's a first person view of the speed:

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Been there, seen it. For me, this is one of those totally unnecessary, artificial 'adventure' thrill rides. It's noise/exhaust pollution in an otherwise pristine environment. Sorry to be the kill-joy here, but if you need this to have fun outdoors, stay at home on your sofa, have snacks and soda and get obese if you want to (I don't care about that so much).