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Bosch Power Box iPod Dock: Proof That Size Does Matter-Charlie White
World Exclusive Bosch Power Box iPod Dock Reviewed (Verdict: Wowz0r!)-Travis Hudson
Bosch Power Box iPod Dock Brings The Overkill -Jason Chen
Bosch Power Box iPod Dock For (Wannabe) Tough Guys-Nicholas Deleon
Bosch Power Box PB10-CD iPod Boombox for Toughguys, Reviewed-Brian Lam


Comment of the Day:Bosch Power Box [By BWGunner]


"These Industrial Strength Boom Boxes Bosch has been putting out are the shit. Contractors, tired of breaking the company stereo at every job, are just eating them up. Talk about your niche market.

Yeah it's in a frame, that's because it gets launched into a pickup bed at the end of the day or dropped off the top of a scaffolding when Bob wasn't looking where he was stepping...again.

Yeah it has a million inputs, that's because each guy at the job wants to play something different. And if this is like the older ones, you can recharge your batteries for your tools right there in the cube. Sweetness.

Bosch has the branding, the pseudo 50's Nickel-cast look, and the "everyman's" approach that makes this a killer at Home Depot. It's tough, it's cool, it's hip, and it's a write-off. Smart, Bosch, very smart."


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All good reviews aside/comments and such, yes it is a lot of posts about an Ipod dock.

Did you really need four seperate posts about the dock? Once to announce it, one to review it.