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Robot iPod Dock-on-Wheels
TracNet 100 Mobile Stuffs WiFi and TV in your Car
Honest Technology's Placeshifting IPTV and Surveillance Device
Philips VOIP841 DECT Skype Phone
Philips Prestigo Universal Learning Remote


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Well I was looking on the web to see if i could mod this up and came across this. I had to make an account to talk about this mp3. About last year i got a ipod nano for Christmas it was awesome. But one day from going back to school from a friends house at lunch my ipod nano fell out of my pocket because of its tiny size(this is a month later from when i got it). I lost it for good in the snow. Ironically tho the next day I went snowboarding and Samsung was doing its annual sports cam event were they would give out there new model sports cam and let us local snowboarders test them out (best sports cam ever i still want to buy one). At the end of the day there was a draw and samsung was giving out free ski's this mp3 player and the sports cam gift cards etc. In the draw so many people weren't there and lost prizes but at the end of the list 1 before the sports cam i wanted o so bad. But my name got drawn and i won this wonderful mp3 player. At first i didn't know what it was though because it wasn't in stores yet and it looked so strange on the box, I've never seen one before same with other people. Crappy part though i wasn't allowed to open it until a month later because i lost my nano. But when i finally got it downloaded my music and played with it. I couldn't believe how super it was like crystal clear sound with the speaker if u don't have it to loud lol, i loved the touch screen, and i can't lose it. Even though how fat it is i can feel the side of my pocket and know it is there. I still have it it works great it only froze once on me but thank god for the reset button on the back (which i forgot about it and i had to wait till it ran out of juice how dumb of me lol). Also when you have it, it updates and you get more memory (not sure how though but it does give you more memory!:D). The one day i brought it to school everyone asked me were i got it how much it was and said "that is way better then my nano".

This is a true opinion from someone that has had this for a long time now. No matter the size it is great and good for listening to music where ever you are with friends or family.