The new Xbox One makes computers feel closer to Star Trek than ever

If the new Xbox One lives up to this demo—"a silky, voice-controlled dream," says Gizmodo's Mario Aguilar—it will be the closest thing to the Star Trek computer experience yet: a computer that can truly understand you in a natural way and do things effortlessly. Watch the video:


Best Xbox One Dashboard Look Yet Is a Silky, Voice-Controlled Dream

In less than a month, Xbox One will finally be available to everyone. Here's the most complete look yet at what navigating the new console's dashboard will look like.


What's notable about this demo is how smoothly the multitasking works. The demo shows a user jumping from the dashboard to Pacific Rim to his activity feed seamlessly using only voice control. Of course, this is a just a demo so we'll have to wait how well that Kinect voice control actually works when you're watching a huge, loud blockbuster. Will it really be able to pick me out from the clangs of mechs? But for now, it's a reason to get excited—as if you needed more. [Xbox via The Verge]