Big Finish Will Celebrate 20 Years of Doctor Who Audio Dramas With a 20-Hour YouTube Marathon

It’s time for the Legacy of..err, Time.
Image: Big Finish

If you’re missing Doctor Who on the small screen, your ears are about to get an aural workout.

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This year Big Finish’s line of Doctor Who audio plays turns 20, and aside from new series filled with familiar faces on the way, the company will also be celebrating with a massive marathon of adventures livestreamed for fans on the official Doctor Who YouTube channel. It will provide nearly an entire day of stories for people to listen to and discuss with YouTube’s live chat systems.

Broadcasting July 20-21, the stream will feature full-cast audio stories from across the Doctor Who line of Big Finish material—covering classic Doctors like the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh Doctors, adventures from the wilderness years with Paul McGann’s eighth Doctor, all the way up to the recent modern stories featuring David Tennant’s 10th Doctor. You’ll also hear spinoffs featuring original Big Finish characters like archaeologist adventurer Bernice Summerfield, and stories featuring recent heroes from modern Who like River Song and Captain Jack.


The stream will also culminate in a special broadcast of the first episode of Doctor Who: The Legacy of Time, Big Finish’s upcoming multi-Doctor crossover special being released in July to celebrate the 20th anniversary, as well as include special video interludes and interviews with Who stars celebrating the legacy of audio adventures in time and space.


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So if you’ve been ignoring everything I’ve been saying recently about how it’s a great time to get into Big Finish’s side of all things Who, well...this is the perfect opportunity to actually do so!


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