Bike Navigation That Actually Might Not Kill You

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Using any gadget on a bike is pretty dangerous. But it makes sense that you might want driving directions while biking. There's tons of GPS and mapping tech out there, let's put it to work, right? Hammerhead is on it.


The company just raised $190,000 through a Dragon campaign to mass produce their portable device that clips onto any bike handlebars. It syncs with Hammerhead's mapping app (iOS or Android ) that plots your route, and then it uses colored lights to display directions on your bike. And since the whole system is solely designed for biking it emphasizes whatever route is shortest while still being safe, including short cuts and bike paths that you couldn't take with a car.

The Hammerhead claims to get 20 hours of battery life before it needs recharging through micro-USB. It has a built-in headlight on the front for night riding. And the colored light display shows turns, distance to turn, distance to destination, road hazards, U-turns, speed comparisons and a compass. It's not totally clear from the video how it does all of that, but certainly turns and alerts are obvious and would be easy to see in your peripheral vision while biking. Hammerheads are coming in June 2014 and are $85. Maybe it will finally be possible to go off your beaten path without having a navigation-related accident. [Hammerhead via Bless This Stuff]

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