Bill & Ted Face The Music's New Trailer Brings the Best Kind of Time Travel Nonsense

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Get ready to party on across time and space, dudes.
Get ready to party on across time and space, dudes.
Image: Warner Bros.

Paradoxes. Band recruitment across space and time. Extremely swole futures. You name, it, Bill and Ted (and their daughters) are up for it.

Warner Bros. has just dropped a brand new trailer for Bill & Ted Face the Music, giving us our best look yet at both the current present our formerly rockin’ heroes find themselves in—playing wedding gigs and reminiscing about the past, at the expense of the current relationships with their families—and the new adventure they find themselves in. Not just them, but their daughters too, who have to help save their dads from time-travel gone awry and build a band worthy of saving the entire world.

Here’s the new poster featuring the whole gang...some more cramped than others:


Bill & Ted Face the Music is now due to hit theaters and release on demand simultaneously, on September 1.

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