Boring but Important Stuff

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"Official Gizmodo Dress Code: Wife Beater tanktop and boxers."—UglyFrog

So today we're finally getting word of some GPU's that won't break the bank, but will still play nice with Vista. AMD is rolling out the ATI Radeon X1050, now you can get your Aero Glass on without spending too much.


Next up Motorola's quarterly sales are falling through the floor. How bad are they? well last year their net profit was $1.2 billion and this year their at a dismal $624 million, ouch.

On to the Xbox 360, Microsoft has finally loosened their death grip on file sizes for Xbox Live Arcade games. Previously 50 MB was as big as they could get, but now they can go as high as 250 MB or with MS's permission all the way to 450 MB. Hopefully the developers don't get lazy with their new found freedom.

And in another sign of the apocalypse it turns out that the iPod Nano is a good indicator of currency fluctuations. What Country gets shafted the hardest for a 2 GB Nano? Brazilians, who shell out $327.71 (US) per Nano.

Well that wraps up another 'Boring but Important Stuff', and just like yesterday don't forget to toss in some captions for the Pic of the Day.


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