"Hi my name is Eric Nece. You may have seen me on MTV hits like The Real World and The Grind. Today, I'd like to talk to you about a great new product..."—Mbodey

Remember a couple of days ago when I said that the AACS wasn't worried about people pirating HD DVD & Blu-ray? Well hackers beware they are taking legal action now. And for you Wii owners out there, today was a very good day for the Virtual Console. Mario Kart 64, Contra 3, Comix Zone, & Bonanza Bros. all came out, so go get some Wii Points. And the "Poor Bastard of the Day" is Brian Emmett, who won an Oracle Java coding contest. The prize? A free trip into space. The problem? That it will still cost over $25,000 in taxes, $25,000 that he doesn't have. Come on Emmett this is space we're talking about here, sell some shit on Craigslist. Now I know all about economies of scale, the more you make the cheaper the cost of production should be. This is insane though, DVD players can now be found for less then the DVD's you play them on. I've only found this to be true in London though, has anyone verified this in the States as well?