"Dude, I just totally pwned this n00b on WoW. What's that? Oh, yeah, I'm totally wearing our Bluetooth killer. Free advertising in the office before we go public."—mbodey

So I've got some friends that refuse to join sites like MySpace or Facebook, mainly because they're afraid of how it could affect their future careers in politics. Well it looks like they might just be onto something, the National Security Agency funded a paper on how social networking sites can help filter out national threats. Excuse me while I go change my facebook page real quick. Well it's one step forward, one step back for MS. It seems as though it was only yesterday that Vista got out the door, and now there are reports of the OS going too far with security. So far that it isn't allowing access to some family oriented online games. And as expected Sony's profits took a huge hit thanks to that money sponge, the PS3. Even though other parts of Sony doubled their profits this year it still wasn't enough to pull Sony out of the mud. And finally do you hear that? It's your inbox getting a little less full, if you live in South Korea that is. A spam duo was arrested for allegedly sending out over 1.6 billion spam messages. And don't forget if you've got some hilarious gadget pics that the world has to see send them to ben@gizmodo.com.