"Oh, you meant audible not ediable..."—kokei

If you're in Germany, don't forget it's Google Mail not Gmail. Google was denied access to the name Gmail in Germany thanks to Daniel Giersch, who created his own mail system "G-Mail". And it looks to be an international day here at the Giz, a giant Russian telecom satellite blew up during it's lift off. And just to prove it to you, here's a link to the video. Now onto PS3 theft. First off if you're going to steal a PS3, you should have done it a few weeks ago when you could actually get some money for one. But if you still have the urge, at least have the common sense to get out of the heating ducts. Unlike a certain 23-year-old Chicago resident. And finally, goodbye Pentium. Intel is officially killing off the line this year. So that means no more Celeron D's, Pentium D's, or Pentium 4's. The murders should be complete by May.