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"Buzz: Hello strange creatures, we come in peace

Woody: *SMACK* That's US you idiot. Andy must have left PhotoBooth running."โ€”synaesthetique


So this may not be tech related, but it scared the shit out of me. 80% of U.S. families in 2006 did not buy or read a book. Wow I knew that we were reading less and less but 80%? And Disney seems to be able to rake in money no matter what format their movies are in. They announced that they've sold over 1.3 million movies on iTunes alone. That's a lot of DRM'ed movies. eBay on the other hand is killing virtual sales. They are saying that you can no longer auction off "virtual goods" as real products. Maybe they should set up a site specifically for auctioning nonexistent products? And the Microsoft train-wreck continues to churn, it seems that some copies of Vista's Home Premium edition are coming with invalid registration keys. If you're going to go crazy with registration security, at least make sure that the codes work.