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"Phil was so envious of Adam's iPhone that he literally blurred his face in anger."—Brad

If you think the Digital Divide is big in America, just check out Africa. Where less then 1% of Africans have access to broadband internet. Even South Africa only has .4% of their population on DSL, their only high-speed option. Hopefully Wi-Max will be able to send this continent forward. And if you're online bank account gets robbed don't go blaming your bank, they tried to protect you. A study being released at the Symposium on Security and Privacy, claims that a surprisingly high amount of people ignored the various warnings that they might be the victim of online bank phishing. Now onto Sony, in a sign that it is one step closer to finally submitting to Apple for portable media dominance, Sony released their own iPod Dock/Speaker system. How this must pain the old Sony Walkman marketing guys. Finally, if you're still planning on moving to your lunar home on the Moon in a couple decades you might want to think twice. Scientists recently found out that the Moon can accumulate huge amounts of static electricity. But Ben who cares it's just static electricity. Well how does 4,500 V sound to you? That'd fry your dog Astro on his space walk.