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Remember Brian Emmett? The guy who forfeited a "free" trip to space, because he couldn't afford the taxes. Well it looks like he might get another chance, thanks to Benson Space. Benson is hiring Emmett as a consultant to their upstart in exchange for being a test passenger in a sub-orbital flight. And IBM is getting closer and closer to being rid of its PC division connections. IBM sold over 25% of its shares in Lenovo. And if you remember correctly Lenovo was the company that IBM sold their PC division too. Also it looks as though CEO 'Phoenix' Michael Dell is going to be around for at least a couple more years. In a leaked internal memo from Dell himself, he claims that not only will he be around for several more years, but he will also try and cut out a lot of the bureaucracy that has begun to plague the company. Researchers from the University of Arizona have begun a study on what the rising sea levels could mean for coastal cities. Basically they claim that if the levels rise 1 meter, you can say goodbye to Miami, New Orleans, and Bangladesh. However you'll have until around the year 2100 to get out before the water should be that high.