Boring but Important Stuff

Don't forget a caption, and to send any pictures that you find to

Judging by the fact that you're at Gizmodo, it's safe to assume that if you wanted a Gmail invite you would have one by now. But on the off chance that you didn't or you know someone who wants to, Gmail accounts are now open for anyone and everyone. And if you think that Apple's latest commercials were the end of their digging at Vista, guess again. Reports are coming in that they are preparing an Apple Store assault on the competing OS. Look for more anti-Vista in store ads and for the the Mac Specialists to be armed with even more OS X propaganda. Elsewhere around the tech world, Cisco Systems push for a more consumer recognizable brand seems to be paying off. Their year-over-year for last quarter was up 40%, or 540 million dollars. Looks like the Human Network idea is working. Now onto the other end of the spectrum. Communication company Nortel announced that they are laying off nearly 3,000 more people, bringing them down to 34,000 employees. That's a far cry from their tech-bubble days where the company had over 95,000.


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