"Apple decides to subcontract its engraving service."—Ultim8fury

It looks like the post-Grammy download rush could pose a potential IT security risk on Monday to lots of businesses. Since many illegally downloaded songs can contain malware opening up corporate networks to new problems.


A huge blow was dealt to the Xbox Live Arcade team today, as their director, Greg Canessa left for PopCap Games. Hopefully this won't put a kink in the XBLA release schedule, which is finally moving.

And in other resignation news, Mike Volpi, Cisco's

head of routers has left the company to create a business that is 'more like him'. I don't know Mike, if I was a possible successor to John Chambers I'd say screw it to the whole "personal fit" idea.


But to end on a good note, Activision, had their best quarter ever. Of course how could you not, when you own: Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk, & Call of Duty.