""Why is Jason Chen sticking our Gamecube down his pants?"—Mike01256

The back button (aka "select") has never really been utilized, that is until now. It looks like Bungie has found a use for it, dubbing it the "a-hole button". Basically when you're playing multiplayer Halo 3, and someone is annoying you just press the back button. Then up pops a list of all the players, scroll with the right trigger to the nuisance and Poof they're gone.


How many Laptops has the FBI lost in the last 4 years? 2? 4? Try a 160, and that's an improvement. Before the investigation was done, they were losing around 300 every 2 years. I hope none of our info was on any of those laptops.

MySpace is trying to clean up their filthy act as much as possible. This week they are trying out a new

video filtering system that will block illegal videos from being posted. Basically the system scans the video for certain "digital fingerprints" and then checks them against a database of banned videos. If yours matches up, then it's not going to show up on your page.


And on the other end of the video spectrum, Google is being shunned by a large group of media companies (Disney, Viacom, NBC Universal, etc.). Think it's because of YouTube/Google Video posting pirated videos? Nope, it's because they sold AdSense advertising space to two known piracy websites. Are you serious? Didn't anyone ever told these guys to pick their battles wisely? This is ridiculous.