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"Gizmodo editor's new years party circa 2006"—slowreader

The YouTube movement takes another mainstream media step forward. Barenaked Ladies enlisted a bunch of YouTube "stars" that will lipsync for there new video. The cast includes the Numa Numa kid, the Diet Coke/Mentos guys, and "Brookers".


I don't know which stat is crazier, that in 2012 there will be an estimated 3.7 trillion text messages sent. Or that there will be $67 billion worth of revenue reaped from all of those messages.

Cuba, is following in the paths of Brazil & Venezuela with their

migration to open source instead of Microsoft. Cuba's main reason for the switch is because of growing fears that MS has installed back doors so that the US government can snoop around, which doesn't sound completely out of the question.


Microsoft is being sued again, this time by Virnet X. They are claiming that the big MS is infringing on a couple of their VPN patents and are looking for some obvious monetary compensation.