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Yuko-san enjoyed his new LittleGirl Backpack, by Sanrio, and never took it off, even to play DS Lite.—Brad

Bad news for Vonage users out there. Vonage is claiming that they don't have a plan to get around the Verizon owned patents that they are infringing on. This could result in a temporary or even permanent shut down.


Former Dell CEO Kevin Rollins is going to get $5 million in severance pay, since he was replaced by founder Michael Dell. Man, I can't wait to become a CEO of a huge corporation, get fired, and then collect my huge-normous severance package.

Apple TV could take over 30% of

the set top box market resulting in $7 billion in revenue. At least analyst Chris Whitmore from Deutsche Bank thinks so. Really? 30%? That is one hell of an optimistic view. I wonder if he really knows how many boxes are already out there?


Remember when the NHL announced that they were getting down with YouTube? It seemed like a match made in heaven, but you and I both knew something had to go awry. And something did, the NHL doesn't allow video embedding. Wasn't that the whole point of putting the videos on YouTube?