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"That's where my financial aid went!"—PhoenixDebaser

Watch out the sky is falling! Consumer electronic spending is slowing down. Seriously though, in 2005 year over year spending rose by 7.2%, where as in 2006 it only increased by 3.6%.


Trying to pick a college where you'll be able to download tons of free songs? The RIAA has a list of what Universityies have been sent the most copyright infringement letters. Ohio University's on top with 1,287.

But for those of you might be graduating soon and are looking for a job with the next big deal, CNN has a roundup of

25 hot ass startups that could blow up this year. Here's a tip, sign on for shit pay and tons of stock.


And Google is getting closer and closer to obliterating their whole we're not competing directly with Microsoft stance. Today they launched a premium version of Google Apps that could start to pose a baby threat to MS Office. Hey the more competition the better.