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"After gutting and stuffing his new attachment, unit 1475674 realized he may have taken the term "rabbit ear antenna" way too literally."—Strykeout

Singapore looks like it will be the setting for a new Google R&D center. It will be in good company considering Google already has facilities in China, South Korea, Japan, & Taiwan.

IBM is trying to get computer clusters one step closer to plug-and-play simplicity, by offering already assembled cluster systems. The best part is that these cluster systems can be made as small as two computers, so no company is too tiny for this program.


More about the iPhone & PS3 after the jump.

Sony is claiming that they will be able to meet customer demand for the PS3 by May 31. I wonder if that is due to falling demand or if Sony's pumping up production?

Ever since the Apple TV had been delayed, there were small but growing concerns inside our heads that maybe the iPhone could suffer the same fate. Well Apple COO, Tim Cook, went on record saying not to worry; the iPhone is still on track for June.

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