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Geeks need captions too.

The EU & Microsoft, they are the proverbial oil & water. Microsoft is being warned that they could face more fines due to repeated defiance of the antitrust rulings set upon them a couple of years ago.

It seems like everyday another major application is considering going web based. Todays entrant is a free ad-supported Adobe Photoshop. That sounds like a bloggers dream, free access to Photoshop from any Internet enabled computer.

Find out who's becoming the tag-a-long sibling of the web & who's heating up for a recall after the jump.


Blockbuster is turning into the "me too" little brother that Netflix never wanted. Obviously looking to compete with the Netflix video streaming service, Blockbuster is in talks with Movielink about a possible buyout.

Steven Hawking in space-ace-ace! Well not quite, but he is going to experience weightlessness thanks to one of those Zero Gravity planes. It's weird, we never really thought about the fact that one of the foremost authorities on black holes, gravity, and such has never even been to outer space.

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'If the girls don't get here in 10 minutes, I'm leaving'

'Mmm, sensual aluminum and polyester...'

'You want me holding a cordless drill in the photo? That's gonna look real stupid, but OK.'