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"There, I just deleted all my big brothers saves. That'll teach him for ripping the arms off my teddy bear."—Lupison

Microsoft, like most giant tech companies, is trying to replace yet another standard with their own. This time JPEG is the target, they want to put HD Photo (HDP) in its place. MS is claiming that HDP will be able to significantly shrink file sizes, while increasing the quality. Isn't that the only direction to go with pictures?

And Tivo CEO, Tom Rogers, said that their focus this year is to lower prices. You better try that out Tom, because the Tivo user interface isn't worth hundreds of dollars & service fees any more, even with HD.


More about HD DVD, Blu-ray, and Yahoo after the jump.

Blu-ray might be on the rise in the US, but over in Europe it looks like HD-DVD is taking the cake with 85% of hardware sales in January. I wonder if this trend will continue or if it was just a temporary fluke?

Yahoo finally apologized to a woman from Kerela, India after they stole recipes off of her blog without permission. If you check out her site (most of which we couldn't make out) you can see that she had quite a protest going, way to go.

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Gee, I wonder if the sales difference is directly related to the fact that the PS3 hasn't launched in Europe yet.