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We may earn a commission from links on this page.

"Who is this now famous adult as a teenager?
A) Elton John
B) Steve Wozniak
C) Billy Jean King"

Well, it looks like those silly little portable systems from Nintendo and Sony might have something to them. Analyst David Cole is betting that by 2011 they will overtake their console brethren, and the DS will become the No. 1 selling system overall.


Microsoft wants to let everyone know that the rumor going around about Xbox Live accounts being hacked/stolen isn't true. I don't know if I believe them though. It's a tough call, since we're dealing with a company trying to save its ass and video game message boards, both of which are notorious for lying.

Find out where the Motorola Q is going and what Baseball team is going solar after the jump.


Amp'd Mobile is getting their very own version of the Motorola Q. It should be available in April for $199 bundled with the carrier's usual slew of entertainment like MTV and Comedy Central content.

Finally, the San Francisco Giants are going to become the first professional baseball team to have their stadium be powered (at least partially) by solar panels. Maybe with the added power they can add some heaters, because that park gets freezing cold.