Why do we love superheroes? The short film Captain T&T (for Trinidad and Tobago) explores the ways in which superhero stories can make us feel powerful. Six-year-old Thin Foot is daily confronted by the violence surrounding his island home and responds by trying to discover his own superpowers.

Captain T&T was written, produced, and directed by Christopher and Leizelle Guinness and stars Kden Hee Chung as Thin Foot. An ordinary boy hoping to become a superhero is nothing new, but Captain T&T is a far cry from media like Kick-Ass. Instead, it's a story about everyday heroism, about how people respond to the seemingly overwhelming problems in their society, and about how wishing for power as a child can translate into seeking real-world power—and employing it for good—as an adult.


[Captain T&T via Kuriositas]