Boyfriend Body Pillow Has Been Working Out, Is Still Deeply Sad

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We're a few months early to our biennial Deluxe Comfort Girlfriend/Boyfriend Body Pillow update, but big things are happening in disembodied-lovers'-torso land. Some might even say, swole things. Yep, your quarter-human boyfriend body pillow has been working out. And he's got the nipple to prove it.

Unlike the Deluxe Comfort Boyfriend Body Pillow, the Muscle Man Pillow Cushion comes with neither pocket nor shirt. Instead, you get 100% rippling flesh(-colored felt pillow sham). Not sure whether it's worth the $30? Let the description assuage your fears:

Let you feel a sense of security and sweet, Never sleep alone again

Although he is not here with you,but you will still not feel sad with this Pillow


Agree to disagree! has, of course, made sure to show you your new "funny boyfriend muscle arm pillow" in all its glorious detail:


That goddamn nipple.

[ via 7Gadgets]