Break Out the Redrum, Ewan McGregor May Play Danny in the Shining Sequel Doctor Sleep

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What happened to Danny Torrance after his father tried to kill him in The Shining? Stephen King tackled that very question in his 2013 novel Doctor Sleep—and now, Ewan McGregor is in talks to play Danny in the film version of the story.

The Doctor Sleep movie was first announced earlier this year with Mike Flanagan (Gerald’s Game) attached to direct. It’s on target for a January 24, 2020 release date. In the story, Danny is still dealing with the traumatic events of the Overlook Hotel from his childhood. He never lost his ability to “shine” and but now, in middle age, it’s clear that he’s also inherited some of his father’s bad traits. Through shining, he connects with a girl who has similar powers and is being targeted by an evil group. Flanagan wrote the script, based on an earlier draft by Akiva Goldsmith.


McGregor, obviously, is one of this generation’s favorite actors, and his ability to play characters who are broken, as well as heroic, would certainly serve him well here. Also, if you’re wondering about how this may impact a potential Obi-Wan movie, well... we don’t know. But it’s interesting that McGregor signed onto a major studio film mere weeks after the box office disappointment of another Star Wars Story prequel, almost like he suddenly had an opening in his schedule. Or maybe that’s just coincidence.

Either way, if McGregor does sign on, it’s another feather in the cap of a continually burgeoning Stephen King cinematic universe.