"Breathing Bike" Protects Riders Against Ominous Beijing Air

Beijing's smog problem isn't exactly new information, but it's been getting way worse lately. In response, local artist Matt Hope decided to integrate an air purifier into his bike so riding around the city would be less hazardous.


The contraption is powered by Hope's pedaling, and includes a mesh IKEA garbage can, a fighter-pilot breathing mask, a wheel-powered generator, a filtration system and a moped helmet where all that clean air gets delivered. As Hope rides, the generator makes electricity which charges the filter, and then as air comes through, positively charged dust and smog particles stick to the negatively charged metal on the filter.

Form and function may not be totally synced in this bike, which Hope describes as a "weird, provocative object." An unsettling caveat to the setup is that it generates about 5,000 volts of electricity, enough to kill you in the rain, as Hope readily points out. That's a pretty major drawback no matter how dangerous this smog is. [COOL SPARKS via Motherboard]



Doesn't have an air tight seal around nose and mouth. So its worthless to protect you from pollutants in the air. You need a proper NBC protective mask.