Burger King's Hands-Free Whopper Holder Upends Fast Food (and Sloth)

McDonald's struck first with its dedicated french fry holders, but Burger King's new Hands Free Whopper Holder has dramatically raised the bar when it comes to making fast food even more convenient. At this rate of innovation, in a few years we won't even have to chew our combo meals anymore.

But that's a dream that's still to come. Mastication is our harsh reality for now, but taxing our arms and hands just to enjoy a Whopper? That's no longer a problem. To celebrate the chain's fiftieth anniversary in Puerto Rico, Burger King gave fifty of its loyalty program members these brilliant hands free Whopper holders that can be worn around the neck so their hands can be used for other tasks. Like nibbling on fries, sipping a milkshake, or preparing their next insulin shot, presumably.

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[Hands Free Whopper via Creativity Online]

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Brilliant parody marketing idea. Takes a jab at McDonalds and gets some easy viral PR, too.

...this is a joke, right?