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Bring Back Victorian Science with this Lego Lovelace, Babbage, and Analytical Engine

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You know you want this badass Victorian scientist to glower at you from a corner of your desk accompanied by her massive steampunkish Analytical Engine and an oversized spanner.

Ada Lovelace and her massive Analytical Engine, compete with gears and gas lamp.

It’s Ada Lovelace’s 200th birthday, which of course means we’ve got a custom Lego set featuring her to vote on over in their community submission site. The set includes Ada Lovelace in all her Victorian sternness with a very large wrench, her behatted partner-in-invention Charles Babbage, and a Lovelace Junior sullenly glaring at everyone from her desk. The massive Analytical Engine cleverly hides room to store a Raspberry Pi microprocessor, potentially turning it into a functional computer. And how could the set possibly be complete without all the fixings for a science tea party, including Victorian sponge cake?


Lovelace Junior will bash your head in with her teddybear if you give her more homework.


Wait, you can seriously hide a Raspberry Pi in the Analytical Engine? ...that’s just cool.


It’s a Victorian Science Tea Party! Gothic teddybear and looming owl are the only ones to enjoy tea and sponge cake for now, but that can always change.


Celebrate the first computer scientist and the inventor of the programmable computer with these delightful Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage legos.


I admit it: after missing out on the women in science Lego set featuring telescope, lab bench, and dinosaur skeleton, I really, really want this monochrome lady and her monster machine to be my tiny desk heroes. Vote for Stewart Lamb Cromar’s submission on Lego Ideas to make it a reality.

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