Bug, Phone-Tap and SpyCam Detector

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Someone is watching you. Did you hear that click on your phone line, or do you feel like someone is hiding around the next corner, listening to your every word? You need the MCD-22H Miniature Combination Detector, a crude-looking handheld unit that can detect eavesdropping bugs, telephone taps, body wires, and even video cameras and GPS vehicle-tracking devices—any analog or digital device with frequencies between 1MHz and 6GHz. Its four red lights flash when it detects any transmitters within a 25-foot range. It can even detect one of the most popular devices used by today's snoopers, the ominously-named Infinity Device.

Because we're not so self-important to think anyone would bother to listen to anything we're saying or doing, we're not thinking this little $229 unit would be worth it. However, the website that tries to scare you into buying one of these homemade-looking devices is slightly amusing.


The MCH-22H [SpyNexus, via c|net]

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