Game of Thrones' and Lego fans rejoice: Eddard Stark, Arya, the Mother of Dragons—sadly with only one baby dragon—John Snow and Tyrion Lannister can be all yours in precious minifig form for $70, a price that will feel something between the Red Wedding and Theon Greyjoy's torture to your credit card.

According to the manufacturer on Etsy, "they are being made in very limited numbers and won't be available long!" They say that all these minifigs have been designed by their house artist and custom pad printed—which means they are high quality. Pad printing is the same printing method Lego uses for its minifigs.

These are not Lego—GoT is so bloody it would never be an official line—or Game of Thrones' official products.

They are not the first Game of Thrones' minifigs either—Lego expert Sam Beattie made his own characters last year. Sam's minifigs are not as faithful to the originals as the ones for sale, but they are are really good, as you can see here:


The Starks

The Lannisters


The Baratheon Brothers

The Small Council


The Clegane Brothers

Jorah, Daenerys and Drogo


Sansa, Bran, Hodor (Hodor!) and Rickon Stark

If you have Game of Thrones' withdrawal syndrome you can go to this Lego site fully dedicated to Game of Thrones. Or just do like me and read the Wikipedia entries to know everything that's going to happen because you are too impatient to wait or read the books.

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