It's pretty easy to blow all your money buying stuff on Amazon (and Amazon's new Fire Phone will make it even easier ). But if you want to clear out your savings account right now in one fell swoop, here are some of the biggest-ticket items we could find in the Everything Store.

A little while ago we asked you guys to scour Amazon for the most expensive things you could find , and of the many results that came in, there are 9 that hold up the best. Some are third parties selling through Amazon, some of them are clearly mistakes, and some of them are even Prime Eligible. But what they all have in common is that they're dumb expensive. So take a spin through, and be wary of the "Buy It" buttons.

9. Four pounds of caviar

Free overnight shipping! You're losing money by not buying it!

Found by: heymattylou

Price: $18,773.00

8. Autographed Mickey Mantle Baseball Cards

Or best offer! You might be able to save a buck, or several thousand.

Found by: RicemanFTW

Price: $83,500.00

7. A 17th century Viola

Not just one but two! And the reviews look pretty good.

Found by: jh79

Price: $169,000.00

6. A toy racecar


Found by: ShouldBeWorking

Price: $999,999.00

5. A coin that is worth far more than its weight in gold

But if you were thinking maybe this might not be the best use of that $3.75 million you don't have, you may be right. This one-star reviewer says he sees a few scratches. OUTRAGE!

Found by: Yours truly.

Price: $3,750,000.00

4. The Holy Bible

If you wanted a Bible that's a little more valuable than what you could snag out of your average hotel room, you're in luck. This leather-bound bible is only 4,999,999.01 more than the Kindle version!

Found by: wscranston

Price: $5,000,000.00

3. A Michael Jordan trading card

With a condition description like that, how could you refuse?

Found by: Geoffery Liu

Price: $35,000,000.00

2. A whole bunch of stuff in Home & Kitchen

Obviously this has to be a bug, otherwise this is a pretty astonishing number of near hundred-million-dollar vases.

Found by: cooljmy10 (using magical programming techniques)

Price: $99,999,985.00

1. This pair of shoes

Some of Amazon's priciest options out there are actually expensive things. Some of them are probably bugs. This one seems to be the latter, but unlike the other pricing bugs we've found, it hasn't been fixed. And so we're left with a nearly trillion dollar pair of shoes. And they're not even eligible for Prime.

Found by: burningdinner

Price: $886,833,152,075.00

Source image: Boule / Shutterstock