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Can You Pass Google's Phishing Quiz?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Phishing is clearly bad, but it’s not always easy to suss out a sketchy email from a legitimate one. To help, Alphabet subsidiary Jigsaw has made a quiz with Google to teach people how to better spot malicious emails.

The quiz walks you through eight emails—some phishing, some real. All of them have been inspired by real-life phishing scams. When starting the quiz, you can add your name and email to make the examples more realistic, though none of your information actually leaves the site. During the quiz, you can linger over emails and links as you try to figure out which ones are the real deal.


While the quiz shouldn’t be too challenging if you’re up to snuff on your cybersecurity basics, it can still get pretty tricksy. One example is based on a legitimate Google security alert that appeared to be a phishing attack, while another was inspired by the email Russian hackers used to dupe John Podesta to get access to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Yours truly was also fooled and ended up with a score of only six out of eight correct.

Thankfully, the quiz also helps you learn from your mistakes. After each question, you can get tips on what you should look out for, including the smoking gun that should’ve tipped you off that an email was malicious.