Canon 4K Concept Camera: Please Be Real One Day

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I really hope Canon makes this concept compact 4k camera one day, even if Canon says it'll never come out just like this. It's like the looming future of cameras sculpted in black plastic, a photon blaster-cum-camera.


A mere 5.5 pounds, this working concept model shoots 4K video at 60 frames a second using a single 2/3-inch CMOS sensor. Which is about all of the details Canon's offering since it's just a concept, though you can see that as is, it's nothing a pro shooter could use, with its stripped, barren control scheme. Still, a Canon vs. RED war over ultra high definition video? It'd be pretty glorious (though HDSLR filmmaker Philip Bloom explains why this won't happen anytime soon). [Canon Expo]


I really don't want the first comment to consist of crude humor....ok so I do.

Am I the only who read the main page bit and saw "photon cum-blaster-camera"?