Staff Writer, Jalopnik (Investigative)

New York City, Detroit, Washington, D.C., and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Jalopnik, our transportation-focused site  with more than 12 million global monthly readers, is looking for an investigative reporter to cover technology and the future of transportation. Jalopnik is more than just a favorite for auto enthusiasts. It has a long and proud history of award-winning investigative journalism, diving deep into diverse subjects like consumer finance, labor, predatory loans, criminal justice, scam businesses and startup companies.

About the Role:

The ideal candidate will be hungry to break news, and be capable of doing all that and more, and will help anchor the site’s day-to-day coverage of technology and the future of transportation.

They must be ready to take on every subject from nascent startups like Tesla and Faraday Future to America's transportation regulators, all with a critical eye not found in the mainstream tech press. This writer must be comfortable with everything from breaking news to longer reported features—all in Jalopnik's honest, fun and sharp editorial voice.

The position comes with a wide mandate and a great deal of editorial freedom to chase nearly any story within Jalopnik’s wheelhouse, and will also liaise with other teams within the Gizmodo Media Group for more ambitious projects.

Who You Should Be:

- Someone a proven track record of deep-digging and investigative journalism
- Have strong news judgment and the ability to respond quickly to cultural and current events with appropriate stories
- An aggressive self-starter who can turn out stories quickly and is also comfortable using investigative research tools like the                           Freedom of Information Act and court records
- Someone who is passionate about where we're going and how we're getting there, but doesn't buy into tech industry hype
- A team player
- A writer who fits into Jalopnik's no-holds-barred approach to covering the auto industry and other topics
- Eager to do occasional video and podcast work as well

This position is in the WGA-E bargaining unit.

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