Cheap Motion Sensors That Tell You Your Windows and Doors Have Opened

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With the release of Dropcam's Pro webcam last fall, the company set the scene for some interesting wireless accessories with the inclusion of built-in Bluetooth LE. With an API it hopes to get other companies to make accessories too, and to encourage development the company has just revealed its own official accessory: a cheap motion sensor that lets you know when doors or windows have been opened and closed.

Adding another layer of security to the brand's constantly recording Dropcam webcams, the wireless Tabs can be setup with smartphone alerts to let you know if something they're attached to has been moved. Whether it's the front door to your home, bedroom windows, or even valuables that aren't supposed to be touched.

At $29 each, the Dropcam Tabs aren't a terribly expensive way to easily boost the level of security in your home. However, to work they do require that you've already got a $200 Dropcam Pro webcam in use in your home, plus whatever costs are required to keep that service extra.


So don't expect to just buy one of these, stick it to your door, and hope to magically get message alerts on your phone. But if you've already bought into the Dropcam eco-system, the Tabs sound like a fairly affordable way to expand its watchful eye. [Dropcam via Notcot]