Classic Star Wars Novels Are Coming Back With Some Gorgeous New Covers

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When Disney reset the Star Wars canon, the old canon didn’t die, it just got...reprinted. Or such is the case with three classic, beloved Star Wars novels, which are getting some snazzy new editions this June with some truly phenomenal artwork.


Del Rey has announced that Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire, Drew Karpyshyn’s Path of Destruction, and Matthew Stover’s Shatterpoint will be the first three of an entire line of Star Wars Legends (aka the old canon) novels re-released as larger-format trade paperbacks. Check out their artwork:

As far as Legends novels to kick off the line, these three are solid choices. Heir to the Empire, of course, introduced Grand Admiral Thrawn, a villain so beloved he was recanonized in Rebels. Path of Destruction is set during the Old Republic and serves as the biography of Darth Bane, who reformed the Sith into its master-apprentice pair. Shatterpoint was the first Clone Wars novel, and starred Mace Windu. (If you’re wondering why its new audiobook is important, it’s because the original recording was abridged.)

All three books will be available on June 15, and more Legends novels will be reprinted into the fall. Which ones are you hoping make it in the batch? I’m guessing not Crystal Star.


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While this is nice and all, I really think they should start by paying Alan Dean Foster royalties for the Star Wars books that he’s written.