A clearer photo of the mysterious unidentified flying object in Texas has surfaced. The image—enhanced above—clearly shows a boomerang-shaped blended wing object with two exhaust nozzles that seems clearly different from a B-2 bomber. It was "completely silent" and did "severe 180 degree turns in the sky in the shape of an S."

The new image of what could be a new secret stealth aircraft—which was previously photographed over the skies of Amarillo, Texas—was taken last February by natural photographer Jeff Templin in Wichita, Kansas. This is Jeff's description of the event:

Right over the city, clear as a bell. Anyone that was looking up would have seen it. You don't usually see military or even civilian aircraft's jets that leave contrails making those kind of severe departures off of the given route.

[It was] Absolutely silent, no sound.

When I put it on my computer and processed them, I was surprised to see this triangular shape that is not like anything you typically see. It was one of ours or at least man made for sure, so unidentified yes, but alien, no.


The Aviationists thinks this could be a new secret stealth aircraft being tested by the US military: "some believe it could be an RQ-180 stealth drone or, more likely, a prototype of the American next generation LRSB (long range strike bomber.)" Here's the speculative rendering of what the bomber may look like:

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