Coffee Table Showing Boba Fett’s Death Really Ties a Room Together

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Tom Spina Designs is back with another custom Star Wars-inspired coffee table. The studio’s previous efforts recreated The Empire Strikes Back’s Wampa Ice Cave, but its latest creation is a little more gruesome, putting The Return of the Jedi’s Sarlacc Pit in your living room—complete with a barely alive Boba Fett trying to crawl out.

Designed for a client’s home theater (it’s a one-off creation at the moment, unfortunately) the coffee table speculates what might have happened to the bounty hunter after Luke and his crew defeated Jabba the Hutt, although it’s probably not considered canon for the Star Wars universe. But there’s too much awesome detail on this creation to care. We’re especially fond of the single tentacle supporting the table’s glass top on one side, and the claw marks as Fett tries to climb out.


[Tom Spina Designs via Homecrux]