Comcast Claims Netflix Slowed Down Its Own Video Streams

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If your Netflix streams have stuttered in the past, you've likely blamed your ISP—but now, Comcast claims that Netflix has slowed down its own video streams.

In a blog post, a Comcast's Jennifer Khoury writes that Netflix knowingly sabotaged its own streams prior to inking a deal with Comcast earlier this year. She says:

As at least one independent commentator has pointed out, it was not Comcast that was creating viewability issues for Netflix customers, it was Netflix's commercial transit decisions that created these issues.


It's a response to complaints from Netflix earlier this week about the way Comcast treated its streams before the two companies joined forces in February. Comcast's comments are based on reports that Netflix sent its traffic to Cogent, a broadband provider, as middleman between Comcast and Netflix. Sadly, Cogent didn't have the capacity to handle all the traffic.

If Comcast's accusation is true, Netflix did that knowingly, to damage its streams—and it's not even really clear exactly why that would have been a good idea. In the process, of course, it would've shortchanged some of its customers. Worth $6 now? [Comcast via Recode]

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Aaron Davis

Was it Cogent's network itself that was too slow, or just Comcast's link to Cogent?

A lot of Comcast (and Verizon) customers have been having problems accessing ANY service that is routed though Cogent (most notably League of Legends), with reports going back more than a year, yet all the other ISPs seem to have no problem connecting with Cogent

It's like blaming Amazon for being slow, when FedEx can't get to your door because the road leading to your house is too narrow. It's not Amazon's fault for picking FedEx, it's your fault for having a bad "link" to FedEx.

I couldn't find the chart again to prove it, but I remember seeing an internal network graph of comcast's uplink to cogent a few years ago, which showed the connection at 100% saturation, 100% of the time, because comcast didn't want to pay for a faster link