Comcast's HBO + Internet Plan Is the One You've Been Waiting For

Illustration for article titled Comcast's HBO + Internet Plan Is the One You've Been Waiting For

No cable, no problem. The rumors that Comcast is going to let you pay for HBO like you pay for Netflix are true. Comcast is now the first company to let you have HBO without being trapped in a basic cable plan.


Comcast is testing an offering called Internet Plus, which gives you broadcast TV, video-on-demand, HBO and HBO Go, access to Streampix (Comcast's version of Netflix), and 25Mbps broadband for $40 or $50 a month, depending on what market you're in. It's worth noting that the price goes up to $70 and $80 after a year. The one thing you're missing is live sports on ESPN and TNT, and ESPN a la carte would probably cost at least another $10 a month, were it ever to exist. But with Internet Plus, you still get all the big network TV games without having to deal with an antenna. Regardless, this is still a pretty sweet deal. Especially because winter is coming. [Comcast via Variety]



I know Comcast very well. This sounds too good to be true... I guarantee you, they will find a way to screw you on this... for instance... the 25mbps internet is, according to Comcast, not suitable for online gaming. (whether 25mbps actually is fast enough, Comcast will ensure you have incentive to upgrade) So can you get this setup with Blast! internet? oh suddenly it's $150/month. Mark my words.