Yes! A Lego Batman movie is coming in 2017

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A plastic Dark Knight was arguably the best character in The Lego Movie and it would seem that fans everywhere agreed. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the first spinoff of the film will be a Lego Batman feature that could be in theaters in a little over two years.


A Lego Movie sequel was recently announced as the next project by the filmmaking team, in addition to Ninjago, which is still expected in 2016. But now it seems the Batman feature has moved up in the queue.

The superhero will once again be voiced in the perfectly cocky intonations of Will Arnett, and as you can see in this clip, there really is no other man for the job:

Perhaps due to the global acclaim for a Lego-DC Comics crossover, the film will also be made exceptionally fast: The release is planned for 2017, which in animated movie years is faster than you can say, "I'm Batman."


Update: A few commenters have mentioned that there was a direct-to-video Lego Batman movie released last year, so this will be the first full-length, feature Lego Batman film. So I guess you can watch that one to tide yourself over.

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Coming out in 2017 isn't fast for a movie...