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Since yesterday's comment of the day was so popular, we struggled to find one today that would be just as compelling... At first it seemed that a comment in the Apple Year-End Report Card was going to take it, but then about 40 other commenters said the same thing, by also calling the Giz "fanboys"; so that quickly became unoriginal. Then the comment of the day was found, and we know at least one commenter will agree, EMOSHUNZ that means you. OMG!!! PONIES!!! 's comment on Bill Gates' recent Mexican investment, is a well thought-out joke that we couldn't help but award with the comment of the day. And to all those fanboy callin', Apple haters, you'll probably like this one too...

BY OMG!!! PONIES!!! AT 11:10 AM Of course, if Apple sold Mexican beer, it would be Miller Chill. Apple would claim to have revolutionized beer by combining fruit and beer, criticized anyone else for fruiting beer, and also charged extra for the privilege of pre-fruited beer. Yes, the beer would have a slightly higher alcohol content, but you'd still be able to get a better buzz for less money by buying Corona, the Windows of Mexican beer (tastes okay, not great, but okay). Meanwhile, stoners would scoff at you as you came out of the bodega for not doing the Linux-alternative by huffing paint with them in parking lot.



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Wow, way to make the rest of us look bad, scab. How can we possibly live up to that?