Today's comment of the day actually comes from the Question of the Day and is another response type comment. The comment was made by RIPFIRE4 and was addressing morganlh85 's inability to find a decent watch.

@morganlh85: "I haven't been able to find a decent watch that doesn't weigh my arm down or look ridiculous and/or homely."
What's your arm made of? Spaghetti?


Now, some of you might think this is the worst comment of the day, but if you care enough to find out our reasoning, feel free to take the jump. We can't guarantee it will be worth it though...

This is awarded comment of the day status for very different reasons than previous winners. Before, the comments won for thought-out ideas and proper deliveries; sadly this comment does not contain these elements.
The comment wins simply because it produces a funny thought. The idea that morganlh85 has spaghetti for arms; yes that's right, the image of a man with spaghetti arms; with no hands, just long single strands of spaghetti. Then the thought of this spaghetti arm man trying on various watches in a jewelry story and after testing a dozen or so he states in a frustrated tone to his wife, "See what I mean, this watch, it's just too big, it's way too heavy... sheesh, I can never find a watch that fits.."

So there you go, the explanation to why RIPFIRE4 is awarded the comment of the day.