While you can use tags to have fun with comments, you can also use them to filter content on Gizmodo by creating a custom version of the site which either avoids or focuses on certain content.

The trick to doing this is to adjust the link you use to visit Gizmodo a little bit. This means that you won't head to this link anymore:


Instead, you would go to something along the lines of this:


...to show only #awesomecontent, or this:


...to show all except #annoyingcontent.

You'd simply replace "annoyingcontent" and "awesomecontent" with whichever tag you like or don't like. You can stack as many of those tags as your heart desires.

Some Examples

To avoid Apple content, you would use this URL:


Now, if you wanted to get only Apple content, but avoid any NSFW (not safe for work) posts, you'd use this URL:


If you want to go further and get only Apple posts while avoiding anything NSFW or related to Google, you could add another tag like this:


And if for some reason you wanted to do all that, but decided you miss reading about Microsoft then you could use this URL:


Well, I think you get the idea by now.