Commercial Break for iOS: Skip Commercials Without Missing the Good Stuff

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No one likes commercials—that's why god made DVR. But sometimes (like with sports games, specifically) you just can't wait for it to record before diving in. You need to know RIGHT THEN. But if you get up and wander away, you might wander for too long. What's a TV junkie to do? Commercial Break has the answer.

What does it do?

Uses an algorithm to analyze audio and video cues on specific channels, letting you know exactly when commercials have ended and its time to park yourself right back wehre you belong. Currently, it's only available in New York City with the following 10 channels: ABC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, ESPN2, FOX, NBC, TNT, TBS and USA. But even if you don't live in NYC, you can still use it for CNN, ESPN, and ESPN2, and sports are really what it works best for anyway.


Why do we like it?

Whether you just hate commercials or your living arrangements house two very different ideas of what makes good television, chances are there's at least some point where you're going to feel the need to switch over during the commercial. You can usually take a moderately accurate guess, but at times when every second counts, moderate just ain't going to cut it. The app is currently in public beta, so once testing is finished, the app should be rolling out nationwide. You'll never miss a minute again.

Commercial Break, Download this app for: iOS; Free

The Best: Never suffer through commercials again

The Worst: Not yet nationwide


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This will most likely be the first app I actually pay for once it goes public.